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Jan 2, 2016

넌 누구야 ?

 it's like i've turned into a complete different person. and maybe i did.  more than once, i found myself wondering: who are you? why are you being this way? but most of the time i would just let those thoughts passed by. like it didnt matter. like turning into a stranger wasnt something unusual.

the people around me noticed these changes as well and when they ask why i would shrug and blurt out cheesy lines like: people change all the time and then pretend like it didnt bother me.

it does bother me so much. it worries me a lot.

but i keep committing the same mistakes over and over, keep losing grip of my own identity, keep blowing the chances of fixing things back, keep saying i am trying and keep lying to myself.

when will i ever stop making excuses and make an effort? when will i find myself again?

you, who stops me every time. who the hell are you?