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Jan 5, 2016

trash talk

"i'm not going to learn how to cook."


"you can't make me do it."


"i'm going to wake up late every morning."


"and i want you to make me breakfast."

"okay.wait-WHAT? what am i to you? your slave?"

"the person I love, that I wish is kind enough to cook me some breakfast."

"we'll get a maid"

"no. i want YOU to cook."



"i don't want to."

"then should we starve ourselves to death?"

"i'll feed you McDs."

"every single day?"


"do you have the money?"


"how many?"

"why are you doing this to me?"

"are you rich?"

"i will be."


"i'm still working on it."

"i think we'll be homeless."

"look, all you have to do is eat."

"and gain weight?"

"fat is cute"

"and live unhealthily?"

"and then we die together."

"you bastard."

"your lover"

"shut up"