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Nov 17, 2015

In a nutshell


Back then in 2014, when I transferred to this school,I thought I'm at loss. My former school seemed better in so many ways. The school itself,the teachers, the friends, the distance between me and the person i was in love with and the memories I planned to make with my pals in the future. But moving here,wasnt a choice. It was something compulsory.

 So I moved,changed badges, changed friends and changed almost everything. Me,myself has changed a lot over this year and a half. In both,positive way and negatively.The aftermath had dragged me into a deep distress and it was quite terrible. I even thought of taking my own life so it was that bad.

However, the cloud started showing its silver lining, and the outcome was not as tragic as I expected.It turned out this school has its own pros and cons.

Well, shouldnt have judge this book by its cover. Because I had hella fun time being here with everyone so far. There are ups and downs,some arguments and mistakes but I enjoyed my roller-coaster ride. 

Now there's only 2 weeks left for the 25 of us to spend time together at school. We probably will have gatherings and reunions later but that than being at the school itself in your freaking school uniforms? The feels are different and beyond comparison. I am so gonna miss everyone, and im not just saying it for the sake of these last days of school but for real. Seriously. Each has his/her own traits and personality that I may not find anywhere else.

I am gonna miss those times when we all bullied syawal mentally, when lokman argued with ustazah, when I sang songs and songs with ainni and kakpah, laughing out loud at ahmad's hambar(lame) jokes, starting our band Dicromate7, and all those little things that made my 17th year of existence on Earth very close to perfect.

I love you guys.
In a way that I could never describe.