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Nov 18, 2015

WARNING: explicit content

These days i just no longer give a fuck to whatever you do. Just fucking do it.

If you're leaving then go ahead,walk away and make sure to shut the door. I do not require any explanations for your act nor reasons. I've had enough of your bullshits. But when you leave, remind yourself to never come back. Especially with stupid reasons like: I've missed you or I still love you, because everyone knows you dont. If you do, you'd have stayed in the first place.

And do not bloody say 'sorry' because you dont even mean it anyways. I dont need your insincere apologies as much as I dont need the presence of an heartless asshole(like you) in my life. sorry can't fix everything. Particularly a heart as broken as smashed glass.

Dont even consider to say a goodbye because its not a 'good' bye. its a painful one,you idiot.
And if we meet again in the future do not ever recall the moments we had together. Lets just fucking let 'em go and move on.

But if you were to stay, show me your efforts. Prove me that you value what we have.

At least, just fucking try to be visible, to exist.

Because right now, you're blurry.

I dont know what you want. I dont know what to do. I don't know what are we. I don't know when will this stop.

I've reached the point where all I do is just wait. With hope things will get better.


we used to be happy.

Past tense.