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Dec 21, 2015

baby boy ❤

 my goodness....

its bobby's (iKON) BIRTHDAY!! ðŸ’•ðŸ’•

and i activated my twitter just to celebrate it lol.

btw im totally writing this while listening to iKON- My Type: audio #16 on the playlist. BOBBY voice every chorus tho!!

ok so i first saw him on tv in SMTM3  and fosho i fell in love. always have a thing for rappers anyways. plus the voice,the smile and those eyes. dammit. how can i not?

 and i'm so glad that he won that, he's the best after all.

 and iKON finally debuted this year!

you've come a long way to be where you are now, through all the hardships and pain, look at you now. we (iKONIC) are all here to support you through your ups and downs so be strong!

have a blast today! stay safe and healthy g1 ❤

and if you're reading this, happy belated birthday. hope you had a good one. wishing for your happiness no matter where you are.

p/s: i havent decided to keep my twitter activated or not. i still feel like i need a little bit of time offline. 

i'll figure out that later because right now