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Dec 17, 2015

kill me,heal me

if you want me to recommend one k-drama it would definitely be kill me,heal me.

it's the best i've ever watched. EVER. IN MY WHOLE EXISTENCE.

i'm so drawn to this drama and couldnt get over it as

a)its not the average love story b)the storyline is so unexpected c) the couple looks good together and  d) it's full of suprises

 it's psychology related which the hero had DID (Multiple Personality Disorder) and thats what made it's interesting. he did not just act as the main character but also 6 other personalities including a personality of a seventeen-year-old girl. IMAGINE THAT. and he nailed each of the personalities, they all looked different though with the same face (so hard to explain)

seriously, im so addicted to it and  it took me weeks to finally move on. its that good.

so, please do watch it.

if you did, then feel free to share you view on it with me.

because im so lonely these days

or was that sarcasm? lol

anyway you can listen to the ost which is audio #6 auditory hallucination-NaShow on the playlist. IT WAS SO COOL TOO.