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Jan 31, 2016

sending January away

I'm sorry mate. I know I should've treated you better but man, I have no idea what's with me these days.

But I swear, I'll just try harder. Things are starting to work out now and I promise they'll get better.
I won't ever let you down again, keep my word.

Sorry for making you suffer. I did a lot of bad things, didn't I? Sorry. But you won't be experiencing it again next year. In fact, you won't ever again.

It's kinda sad to be saying goodbye like this. When you're all exhausted and broken but well, your buddy is already here to replace you. So soon isn't it? I hope I won't give your friends as much trouble. You guys don't deserve this. Sorry for making you went through such hell. I'll welcome you next year, with a bright smile, if God wills it.

With that, I'm sending you away, January.