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Dec 13, 2015


i swear it has never been this worse.

this is the first time i've completely lost myself.

i found myself in a really pathetic state, shutting the world out, holding my feelings in, but they're slowly escaping and ruining my interactions with human beings.

i ran away from my friends and family,rather be by myself. i deactivated all my social accounts and living with my laptop as my company. im spending too much time in my room,in the dark watching k-dramas for as long as my eyes can bear. i cried uncontrollably at little things and laughed excessively at things that's not even that funny. my sleeping patterns are all ruined, so do my diet. i ate twice a day, breakfast at 6pm and dinner at 4am. they're not providing me enough energy to do my daily routines so i lay on bed for most of the time. tired as fuck.

im a mess.

this time i really am a mess.